Washing of hair during confinement

Mummies, what did you use to wash your hair during confinement (besides shampoo). Chinese usually uses ginger water to shower. 1. Do you use ginger water to wash your hair? 2. Do you use normal water? 3. Buy those herbal pack from herbal shop?

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I bathe with herbal pack. Shower everyday but wash hair only 3 times per week. It doesn't kill to follow the confinement rules for your own health for long term. Shower in late afternoon instead of night. These are slight changes to routine so I follow

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Normal herb shop. Bee's brand.

i use dry shampoo (dun need to rinse) then use norm shampoo (rinse with herbal pack water once a week) i buy herbal pack from hockhua then boil for 15mins with ginger

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First 2 weeks, I used the herbal pack that my MIL and SIL gave, with shampoo and conditioner. After that, bathe as usual - warm water with shampoo and conditioner.

I used herbal bath to wash my hair on alternate days for first 2 weeks (no shampoo) , 3rd and 4th week then use shampoo.

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I wash as per normal every 3 days or when it start to itch. Weather very hot!!

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I use normal water with shampoo, just wash and bathe normally like the usual.

Normal warm water. Keep your body warm and hydrated to prevent colds.

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I just use normal shampoo and shower gel. Bath everyday also.

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I used my usual shampoo then rinse with herbal bath water

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I bought herbal packs from a TCM hall during baby fair