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Hi mummy, as Chinese tradition we can't use tap water to shower for some Chinese confinement practise. I use with tap water in my first pregnancy to brush my teeth and wash my face and end up having arthritis only on my fingers. May i know how do u wash your hands after goin to the toilet? Using plain tap water? Sanitise your hand instead of washing? Prepare a boiled warm water flask in toilet just for washing hands?

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My mum said can try to use boiled water that is cooled cos it is not as cold as tap,during my confinement,she prep some boiled water tat is cooled in a bucket and I will just use a small container to scoop the water out to wash my hand..need to watch out for mosquito breeding though,so can try to change the water regularly..

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My confinement nanny said boiled water and washed too. Nah..i just used tap water. Not washing hands after toilet?? No way, the germs will be on the door knob and many other surfaces etc. I won't dare to touch my bb.


Just normal warm tap water I washed milk bottle & pump myself every feed. Just make sure dry your hand immediately after each wash

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I sanitize my hands. But if i just finish using the toilet I would wash my hands with warm water

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Bath and wash as usual - from tap. 5 mos pp, still doing fine.


I still use normal tap water for washing hands.

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Warm tap water and quickly dry hands with towel

U can boiled some water for washing

I use warm water to wash hands

water + rice wine (白米酒)