Which day after given birth can start to wash hair? Can use warm shower to wash hair or must use herb bath to wash? Currently i am on day 10 of confinement and every day i shower my bottom with warm water to cleanse my wound and use a small tower dip in warm water to clean my upper body.

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I shower and wash my hair on day 2 once my catheter and drip was removed, once back home shower twice daily and wash hair once a week using what I normally use. Nothing special. Hygiene is important in our ridiculous warm and humid weather and especially if breastfeeding. Can't imagine the amount of germs on our body and pass to LO by touching them

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You can wash your hair when ever you want. The idea of not washing hair during confinement comes from an old Chinese tradition because it was cold in China and hair dryers didn't exist. If you have wet hair in very cold conditions, you might catch a cold/flu. This isn't applicable these days, especially not in Singapore.

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I wash my hair using warm water and bath using warm herbel water and ensure to keep my hair dry straigh after washing daily . Confiment lady taught me to sit ontop of a tub of hot salt water . The vapour can help to ease the itch and clear the smell for the wound ( Do gauage the temperature of the water )

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the moment I give birth to my first child, the nurse told me to get a shower in the hospital and I washed my hair and took a shower. Its good that my hubby was with me at that time and j fainted in the shower and he caught me

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The moment i reached home from the hospital i started washing my hair. Starting i used herb water to bathe, but some lazy days when im lazy to cook it or nobody cook it than ill shower with very hot water.

Usually is after 12 days of ur confinement then can shower and wash hair. U can use either the warm water or herb to wash ur hair. But u need to make sure you dry ur hair completely after shower.

For me I start full body shower from day one.... And it really helps me, my kids up to date love to shower, swimming... Not afraid of water at all

I wash my hair starting in hospital and I wash Everyday. I believe in keeping myself clean n comfortable especially I'm breastfeeding

I shower and wash my hair in the hospital 8 hrs after birth.... normal delivery, so I can walk around... shower for hygeine purpose...