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My Conceive Experience

Hi all peeps, I would like to share my conceiving process and I hope it helps. We have been trying it officially for 2 months. (Best to have intercourse every 2days) I did quite a numbers of homework and I have signed up for the talk @ ilovechildren event. They do have a talk annually to guide couple on how to conceive and how to take care of babies. Link : you guys can go read up on the website which they guide you through on how to get pregnant and what are the things that you need to check. Example, go for fertility check for both(husband & wife) , my advise is that you should try naturally for a few months up to a year before you go for fertility check but if u do have irregular period, please go directly for a check up and get advise from the doctor to solve the issue(you may try TCM too). Things that we did and consume : **Supplement** Female : Folic acid is a must and you should start taking at least 1 month in advance before trying to conceive (you can get it at any pharmacy. The brand that I took : Blackmores Conceive Well Gold Male : Blackmores Multivitamin(Men's Performance Multi) **Period/Ovulation Tracking App** 1. Use app to track your period and ovulation days(Suggested app : my calendar, flo). I have attached with the cycle chart to calculate and estimate your ovulation day. You can give it a try but do test with the ovulation kit early to find out the exact day. It a must to have intercourse before and after ovulation to have higher chance of conceiving. **Ovulation strip/kit* 2. Purchase the ovulation test strip/test kit(you can find the strip online at Lazada, Shopee or Qoo10) if you want it fast you may get the test kit from any pharmacy. I get it from pharmacy first while waiting for the strips to be delivered. Once the ovulation kit gets positive, have intercourse straight away. (Typically ovulation lasts 12 to 24 hours, and for some, it can last up to 48hours.) Guide : Ovulation strip/kit test it twice per day, morning and night near your fertile days or start testing a few days before actual ovulation. **Intercourse frequency** 3. 2-3days to have intercourse(missionary position) sometimes you do feel tired and no mood for it and there this brand do help to enhance the intercourse, increases and support sperms mobility (Brand : Pre-seed) **Posture after intercourse** 4. Lift your leg up high and lean against the bed for about 30min for the sperm to flow in. (advise from YouTube video) if you don't plan to try lifting leg up, you can place a small pillow at the butt to lift your butt higher for 30min or rest 30min before visit the washroom. Wish all Couple good luck and hope you will get good news soon after trying my method. All the best?!

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