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Lousy Handling leading to loss of time & money instead of what should have been a win

Supposedly won 1 ticket of 1-day Triple Park Ticket from Legoland Resort giveaway on theAsianparent App but what is the use of only 1 ticket so... after clarification with theAsianParent Prichelle & much consideration, finally purchased 3 extra Legoland tickets for my family in advance just to utilise this solo giveaway ticket. On the fateful day, my family of 4 was already queuing at Theme Park admission ticket window 1 at approximately 10am to collect the ticket. Legoland counter staff were totally clueless about my ticket arrangement! We had to wait for approximately 2 hours until well after 12noon before Legoland finally allowed me access to the 3 parks. As such, instead of having 8 hours to enjoy the parks, my family of 4 had less than 6 hours! Coupled with the fact that it was raining intermittently that day, this was the first time we could not complete all the rides in the Legoland Park even though we had no alternative but to give Legoland Water Park a miss. Note that we have been to Legoland close to 10 times in the past and had always been able to complete all the rides even during the holidays. This was a heart-wrenching experience from the time I was notified each winner had won one ticket only to the time my family of 4 left Legoland in disappointment for not completing all the rides as usual and completely missing out on the Water Park. Note that we had to spend a lot of time getting from Singapore to Legoland and back. It is illogical for us to return another day just so that our family can go in together & on time. #NotWinButLossOfTimeAndMoney

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