Breakfast for morning acid reflux

As the name suggested, what do u guys eat for breakfast if u wake up with acid reflux? I have this everyday, trying different option but ugh it doesnt seem to get better. Every morning wake up with sour mouth and nausea but no vomit. I tried hot milo and even cold milk but why nothing seems work in my favour ☹️☹️☹️ The vomit is very random though, could be in the morning or night and pretty sure caused by the acid

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@ all Thanks mummies for all the recommendations! What I tried and helped so far is : - drink alkaline water intermittently - sleep with high elevated and on sleep side - i took antacid (omeprazole) given by gynae it was ok for 2 weeks but doesnt seem to help much - keep eating small snacks - as for breakfast i managed to drink milo and sugar crackers, if i have time ill cook porridge, this helps also! My acid reflux is bad in the morning and will last until before lunch and the sour taste in the mouth is very very ewwww

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Try alkaline water, it works for me when I had acid reflux on my 1st trimester. It helps balancing the ph level, also got other benefits. I also elevate my pillows when sleeping at night and as much as possible sleep on your left side, left side somehow hinders the flow of acid unlike sleeping on the right side.

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One trick for me was , I start the meal with which ever craving I have for that day.. if the first meal is started right, the rest of my day is smooth just occasional nauseous .. and I don’t, I lost my appetite for the day ..

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😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 not even sweet or savoury ah? Or u eat cream cracker with Milo.. just 1-2 cream cracker with very little Milo.. or eat whatever comfort food?

Can try plain crackers e.g meji or sky flakes those brands. They taste plain at first but will grow on you after awhile. Just carry around with you and eat a piece or 2 in short intervals to keep the reflux at bay.

could try rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt to clear the taste in your mouth before eating anything. I find that it helps for me to feel less nauseous despite not having any appetite.

i have a berry sweet first thing in the morning to curb the taste in the mouth. and i lay with pillow elevated for like 30mins till better then i wake for breakfast.

whole grain bread, toast the bread, super nice, don't drink milk, milk made my reflux worse. can drink plain water before eat, after eat only sips water.

Hi, i drank the instant cereal drink and milo the whole 1st trimester. I suffered with bad acid reflux so any other food would give me pain.

Drink something warm when u wake up. I drank warm water if my acid reflux is back.... And apply some oilment. Dont drink anything cold

Bring it up to your gynae. They will prescribe some antacid for you. Oh and try to stay off milk, milk can make acid reflux worse.