Vomit cause of acid reflux

Anyone vomit cause of acide reflux? I did today cause of it for the first time as it was really bad..i'm 28 weeks and i get heartburn and acid reflux everyday sometimes the whole day

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Try alkaline water, it works for me when I had acid reflux on my 1st trimester. It helps balancing the ph level, also got other benefits. I also elevate my pillows when sleeping at night and as much as possible sleep on your left side, left side somehow hinders the flow of acid unlike sleeping on the right side.

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yes me too. now i’m at week 30. i started vomiting again around week 24 😭 i tried taking gaviacon but doesn’t help. doc say the only way is to take smaller meals.

Am 28 weeks & having bad acid reflux almost every day. It starts after lunch. I tried gaviscon but it tastes so bad that I vomitted. Any other remedy for it?

I had and having bad reflux for two pregnancies.. feel better after taking gaviscon (prescribed by gynae) and can buy from pharmacy over counter

Can try yakult original flavour , it helps for me