1. Need to shower everyday? Alternate day? - 2. Is it a quick 3-5min rinse? - 3. Can umbilical cord touch water during bath time? How to clean it? After umbilical cord drop, how to take care of wound? - 4. Need to use shampoo/showergel? Or when to start to use? - 5. When to start using for baby lotion? - 6. When can start using ruyi oil? -

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Bathe daily. You will need a baby bath tub. Can get a simple and inexpensive one from IKEA. Get a body wash formulated for babies. Support baby's head while bathing baby. Moisturize skin after bath. Ruyi oil - use sparingly. Not every baby can use it, my kid had skin reaction as ruyi oil is a "hot" oil and can inflame baby's skin. It sounds like u r a first time mum. If so, there are prenatal classes that will teach u specific technique on how to bathe baby. If you have a confinement nanny, make sure she teaches you and any other caregivers in the home how to bathe baby before she leaves.

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I do a quick 3 mins shower for bb every morning. 1. Fill bath tub with warm water. Add a drop of kodomo baby bath in the tub and use hand to swirl. 2. Dip washcloth in water and use it to wipe bb hair and face. 3. Place another washcloth over bb body to calm him down. Put bb in the water and use another washcloth to clean his hands, armpits, neck body, legs, back. 4. After bath, wrap bb in towel and dry him. 5.Use cotton bud to clean the inside of bb belly button and use towel to pat dry. 6. Place a small drop of ruyi oil on ur palm, rub both hands together and place your

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it’s ok to touch water. the PD will give a powder to apply after bath (after it drops off) before that, hospital will give alcohol swipes to clean it.

I shower my LO daily, using baby shampoo and body wash. It took ard 5 min, don't wanna take long as it can dry out baby's skin. Once the umbilical stump dropped then just wipe with cotton ball (wet it) lightly, if any bleeding or pus have to see doctor. I dont use moisturizing or lotion, i try to avoid putting anything on baby if possible as their skin are very delicate. I use minyak telon and not ruyi oil cos i find ruyi abit too 'hot' for babies. Probably use only when my LO grows older.

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I shower baby daily every morning. Just 1 pump of kodomo baby bath. And apply moisturiser right after bathing. Ruyi oil have to depend on baby. Not all baby suitable. And I have a wipe clean up for baby during evening using a cloth and pail of water.

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