Mummies, during confinement period using warm water to wash face and brush teeth is it ok? If I am breastfeeding my LO, can I eat raw salmon?

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I wash my face and brush my teeth with tap water. Definitely No problem for warm water. Some Ple prefers to wash with boiled water instead Yes u can eat raw salmon when bf, it is supposed to be a milk booster

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Yes for no 1.. I don’t suggest raw salmon as some times may hv chances to affect to bacterial infection as u r breastfeeding as well , hence think before u eat anything as it takes to ur baby as well

Salmon is fine but i would prefer cooked/well done as raw one to me might still contains bacteria, if any. Personal preference.

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I use normal tap water to wash face & brush teeth.. As for sashimi, I started having them only after confinement, but in moderation.

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I used tap water for everything, shower, wash hair, brush teeth. K only started eating raw salmon after confinement though.

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I washed my face and brushed teeth with warm water during confinement And no probs eating sushi or sashimi

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I wasn't particular and used tap water. Yes, heard sashimi is a milk booster!

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I use nornal water to wash up

Yes for both questions..

Normal water will do