rich or poor?

Sorry. I know this is out of topic. Just want to get some opinions. Would you choose to be a rich person in poor country or would you rather live poor in a rich country?

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of course Rich person in poor country. What's the point in being the other way around. I can't afford anything 😆

Rich in poor country - then I get to give back to the community with the wealth that is blessed to me

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Rich in poor country so that i can be able to help more people that is less fortunate :)

A happy person in either country. You can be rich but not happy and poor but happy.

definitely rich in poor country. then I can help those who are in need

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Jst be in our SINGAPORE rich or poor (1 people 1 nation 1 SINGAPORE)

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Tbh, rich person in poor country. So I can give to the poor

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I think i will choose to be rich in poor country too

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Obviously rich in poor .. who wants to be poor ..

Materially poor in a spiritually rich country!