What does motherhood means to you?

Complete this sentence: Motherhood means _____

What does motherhood means to you?
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unconditional love, sleepless nights, bondings, unconditional care, never-ending learning, difficult times, tough training, never-ending staring at her.

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Adventures, gaining a bigger heart, loving more, learning new things and finding out things you never knew you were capable of.

The hardest job in the entire world and don't get paid for it.... And that's okay because the rewards is endless

Understanding the true meaning of unconditional love and never stop worrying every step of the way

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making mistakes and learning from them. No such thing as a perfrct mom, just a hardworking mom.

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motherhood means having unconditional love, being patient. bringing another life to birth.

Motherhood is a blessing, being selfless and giving out the purest form of love 💗

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Commitment, uncondition love, happiness and lifelong learning process

Changing everything you thought defined you and finding a new YOU...

learning to be patient, provide unconditional love, and being happy.