Can i rant here? 😭

I was a divorcee mom before i remarried. My current husband do provide for my children but never bother to have a relationship with them. He only loves his own children. Yesterday my child (from previous marriage) played with my child with my husband and the child cried. My husband started saying “you’re dumb you’re just plain dumb. Brainless.” Exactly his words to my child. I got really mad i fought with him. Am i in the wrong for being very emotional about this? He confronted me for scolding him infront of the kids and asked why am i so upset because to him he just scolded my child nothing more. I said because he called MY CHILD dumb for something very minor. His reply “u wanna start differentiating children now? Sure” if only this is just a normal relationship where i can just walk away and not look back. He thinks he did nothing wrong and didn’t even bother to apologise

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Your husband is being a total jerk here. If you intend to remarry someone with kids, you should be prepared to love their kids as your own too. This is why people said being a step parent is hard. I totally understand if he loves his own children more, it’s natural but to make such remarks to a child is unnecessary and inappropriate. They are still growing and if someone keeps putting them down, what will this child grow into? Understand that you’re probably being sandwiched right now. Take a break, explain to your child, then talk to your husband again. If he don’t wanna be a dad to your child nor have a relationship with them, then at least tell him to be nice like how he would to a complete stranger. And tbh, kids are not that fragile and crying doesn’t mean the child definitely is the one being bullied. Your husband needs to stop being so openly biased.

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im sorry to hear. i would say your child might grow up with trauma with hiw he was treated by his father from the other children Your husband already draw a line there. he won't admit. try asking around for help or slow talk with him

What a behaviour. Obvious favouritism sorry to say. And huh he confronted you for scolding him but he can say nasty words infront of the kids ? Is he being serious.

Seek marriage service. Does he have anger management issue? It’s so damaging to the child for being scolded that harshly.

I’m glad u stood up for ur child, ur child needed that defence from you

6mo ago

I have to :( haven’t spoken to him since and have since considered divorcing. Is that too dramatic of a reaction? I don’t know how to feel or react. I have never aired any of my dirty laundry out to family or friends so this is the only way i can - posting anonymously 😭

:( Can go counselling. first three sessions r free

6mo ago