Been married for 4 years. We have 1 year old child. My husband is having an a affair with his own colleague. He always lies telling me that he is working. I caught bought of them outside. My husband has parted from me and my child away from home almost 8months. I waited for him. Adviced him to go counselling and talk things out. All he decline. He just clearly told me off by messaging me that he doesnt want me and my child. He doesnt want the custody of the child. He agreed to pay $500 monthly for the child. Can i still get sole custody??

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It seems that you want to give him chance but he refused. If you have decided to divorce, then engage a good lawyer to fight for the maintenance and custody. $500 is insufficient for the child's maintenance unless he is low income can't give more. If you have financial difficulty to engage a lawyer, you may approach Legal Aid Bureau www.mlaw.gov.sg or call them 1800 2255 529 Take care💪

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Hi. Even though the husband does not want the custody of the child, the court generally awards joint custody - the decisions about the child would be taken by both of you. The child would stay with you though. A divorce lawyer would be the best to comment on this as each case is unique...

just to add in a small remark..$500 for child maintenance will not be sufficient if u r not working. if u r working n able to support partially then still ok. bit since its the man who doesn't want the family n go astray, shud make him pay for more.

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better seek a lawyer advice on this, $500 is not enough to raise a child. let your lawyer work the numbers for you. also it has to be able to be supported by his income

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$500 not enough ok!!! Better try to get more money for your child. Otherwise that jerk will spend it on his mistress anyway. Get you a good lawyer.