Divorce? Give freedom?

I am a SAHM since oct 2021 due to my mil unable to look after my child who is now 20mths old. My child is also a child who needs special attention which i am umable to put her to childcare. My child need hearing aid and low immunity. My hubby did not work for 1yr when i was pregnant till my child was born. Recently, we have been disputes regards to his job. Previously when i was the only 1 with income, i did not even complain. But now, my hubby keep want to change job every 2-3months. Everyday, every month i have to make sure i buy my kid things as priority so that we can have enough to survive for the month. Whenever, i tell my hubby to bite the bullet with his job, he will start to shout at me. He will also say, initially we shld not get married and give birth to this child. I am really upset. When i was the 1 earning the income during my pregnancy, i was so stressed out and tired but i still hold on. But now evry 2-3weeks, he will say want to change job. When i tell him don change, then he will start to flare up. I really do not know if i really should divorce him and give him his freedom? To me, he finds both of us a burden to him now. Cos we all depend on him to bring bread home for us. If divorce, i might not get custody as i got no income at all. But since he find both of us a burden, shld we really leave this family? I am so tired and stresssd out. Everyday, i try to keep the hse clean amd cook dinner for him whem he come back from home, he got food to eat. I do not know what more he expects from me..#advicepls

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I do understand you mum. How about talking about this matter with him openly. If not you both can go family counsellor first. If you don't get a solution after that too then you can go for a huge step.