husband doesn't seem to care

I was shotgun, and when I get to find out about me being pregnant my husb now doesn't seem so happy or financially ready. Even when we get married my mum and his parents was the one who paid for everything. He had a kid in the previous marriage, and that kid now stays with his ex wife. What I see and know is that he seems to keep wanting to impress his ex wife that he could afford anything for his kid. But then he is financially tight every time. And now buying of the baby things and getting ready for the baby to come out we are not prepared cause I'm a Sahm and he don't really give me a lot of money to buy my things and for baby things. Seriously not prepared, he is more focus on his first child then the upcoming baby. I'm at my 8 months now, and so depressed. I don't know if he get married just because I got pregnant or more than that. I have talk to him but nope not getting any answers cause he will always be in his denial stage, just to make me not hurt.

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Hey mama, sorry you feel this way about your marriage, upcoming baby and changes in your life. Motherhood is overwhelming and can wreck havoc with your emotions. Wait till baby is born and see how you feel. Regarding finances, I suggest starting a family budget so you guys can track exactly what you are spending on and all the upcoming expenses you expect

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Your hub seems to have an ego issue, trying tp impress his ex. Please have a good talk with him. Its the current family that matters and not looking back on previous r/s

Have a talk with him, about everything and how much you love him and your dreams for your baby. Hopefully he listens, to me it sounds as if he is a highly competitive person.

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So sorry about that. Your hubby should focus more on you and your baby instead of his ex wife.

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Hais, perhaps you and your hubby should have a nice heart to heart talk and talk it out

Your hubby quite ego man

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