I am a contract staff in a reputable company . But recently , boss told me I will not be recontract due to change of management and to cut cost as market was bad. That would means I will be out of job after my maternity end.I feel this is unfair as before I give birth , manager informed me just 1 week before maternity leaves to pass everything to newly hired person on board. And I have to teach this person ( who is a perm staff )within few days .And now it seems due to market demands drop which he claims, has to terminate my contract. I need the job to support the family. Did any of you encounter same situation as me? Is there any regulation to protect contract job mother ?I need some advice on how to go about it. And once I lose my job, it means my elder child will not enjoy govt subsidize on child care fee for working mother.. I'm so lost...

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Seek advise from MOM and make appt to meet the officer so that you will get a clearer picture on the solution if you can. Actually there is no job security for contract staffs and if you must have a job for your next role it would be wise to look for perm roles. In my opinion, the company is trying to avoid paying you the maternity leave and for the 4 months they got to look for someone to cover your role and sometimes it could be difficult to find a short term cover hence they would rather hire a perm staff to cover you

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I am a full time staff with the previous company. Notified boss that I'm pregnant as my job requires me to lift heavy things at times. I was released from my job 2 weeks later. Seek help from MOM. Managed to get maternity benefits as compensation. If I am not mistaken, if you have worked for the company for more than 3months, you should be able to get maternity benefits. Even part time staff also have... Double check again online. Its stated there

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Have you sought advice from MOM? Do you have a copy or the work contract, maybe you can get some professional advice and get someone to review the contract? I think it's highly suspect that they chose to terminate your position right before you give birth. If it's really the market nonsense, then why are they hiring a new person to take over you. If there is indeed something suspect, then best to report go the authorities.

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Go to the family service center they will be able to help with subsidies. Also if you had lost your job you can approach the social service office or com care for temporary financial assistance.

I agree with the others. Sounds like the company is cutting you because you are going to give birth. Check with MOM. Also, in the mean time, try to look for part time work. Good luck.

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Seek advise from MOM. Secondly seek ECDA help and MCPS help on the subsidies.