My lo is 2 years old and today I found out I was pregnant. The thing is. We don’t even have a house yet. We’ve been living separately because my husband work place is in the west and my workplace and my child school is in the tamp. So he lives in his parents and I live with my parents. We are wanting to get our own place next year when I’m get CPF and our HLE would be higher. Currently imm working a job without cpf but will only get CPF in December( change in contract ) …. However due to covid and uncertainty, my boss did warn me that the company may fold. What should I do? I don’t know if I want to keep the baby… I don’t know how deal when my spouse is living apart. I don’t know if I will even have a job after December.

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It may feel like there's a lot of moving parts but don't panic! You still have more than half a year to sort this out. Would finding a job in the West and moving to your in-law's be an option? If your parents and you are open to it, they can help look after your LO weekdays until you can find a nearby school. It's low probability but a free option, in the meantime you can try appealing to the MPs for help in getting a subsidized flat. I think there are a lot of other alternatives that may be better for you too, discuss with your family and put your heads together, things may all work out in the end. Don't feel guilty too if the best option at the end of the day is abortion, you know you had tried your best to figure this out and it just isn't the right time. All the best!

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Mummy maybe you can start looking for a job now? Healthcare industry is hiring, with good benefits. By the time you give birth the new company may be able to cover you for maternity too..