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I am a contract staff in a reputable company. I was pregnant during the time with the company. However, boss just informed me that company will not renew my contract due to a change in management and to to cut cost. But I feel this is a good excuse that company like to use. Because just 1 week before I go for maternity leave, the boss inform me instead of getting my colleague to cover me, he had employed a new perm staff that I need to hand over my work. The handover was very rush during that time as I have only 3 days to finish the training. If it was a cut cost reason, why did he employ a new perm staff to cover me?And now it seems like I am an additional burden to the company. Right now I will be out of job when my maternity leaves end in 2 months' time. This is my 2nd baby and my family will have financial problems once I am out of job. And furthermore, my elder child will not enjoy govt subsidies for childcare anymore. Any mummies with the same situation? Is there any law to protect mummy for contract job? I am at a loss now.

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I agree with Elisa - there are many companies that are downsizing. And usually contractual staff are the first to go. Having said that, the law DOES protect pregnant mothers (contractual & part-time staff) If you have sufficient reasons to believe that your contract was terminated because of your pregnancy, then you can contact Ministry of Manpower to bring up your case. However, there are situations when employers terminate someone's contract to hire a full-time role. If they do end up giving reasons to show why another person was a preferred candidate (e.g. show that you were not the ideal worker), they will likely use this against you when arguing with Ministry of manpower. If you have enough proof that you did your work and was doing well in your job - then you can bring up your case to Ministry of Manpower - i believe they can help you with this case. Visit for more information Hopefully this information is useful to you in some way. Ministry of Manpower should be able to advice. I have seen them help with quite a few situations before.

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In times to come, Ministry of manpower will be looking into the contract staffs benefits .And heard from my friends who is working In the union that Mr Patrick Tay from the Singapore Union congress is now under study on the protection for contract staffs and is trying to fight for contract employees .This is due to the complaints from losing benefits as contract staff is increasing and many companies are using excuses to simply just axe the staffs due to cost cutting.

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Economy is very very tough right now. Many private companies are trying to save cost. Maybe the new staff salary is much cheaper than yours and his/her output can be much more cause no need to care for newborn? Not the right way to think about it as a boss, but desperate times call for desperate measure. The economy now is really not good.

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For contract staff, I don't think you can really be surprised. I am actually surprised that they have given you any maternity leave as a contractor! Usually Contractors don't get the benefits that full time employees are entitled to such as a pension and mat leave. So count yourself lucky and start looking for a new job.

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As long as the employee work more than 90 days, she is entitle to paid maternity leaves according to MOM laws

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Is not excuse that company ask you to leave, if the economy is down contract workers are always the first to be asked to leave. You have to be sure when you sign working as a contract worker. You can try to call MOM to check.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes economy is down but the dept keep hiring people . And boss told me is cutting cost. What cost are they cutting?Of course I know what I sign before joining but this is not the first time they did this to pregnant woman . I got a colleague who also did not recontract and told her there is no requirement. But after 2 months she left and they reemploy

They are still giving you your maternity and if they choose to axe you as a contract staff for a full time role, that is their choice. I suggest just start looking for a new job

You can call TAFEP to check or check out their website: they should be able to advice you.