I just found out that i am pregnant

Hi all, i just found out that i am pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. When should i go doctor?

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Best to see a gynae at 8 weeks onwards. By this time you can already see your fetus very clearly unlike if you go earlier. Subside route - book an appt at polyclinic to get a referral letter to go to your preferred hospital, KKH, NUH, etc. I suggest to book now bcos normally the hospital's appt is 4 weeks later. Private route - call or walk in to your preferred hospital.

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If you dont mind transvaginal scan, you can go earlier at maybe 6 weeks but may not see/ hear heartbeat. If you want straight to ultasound, go at ard 9 weeks to polyclinic to get referral, but you'll get hospital appt a lil later. Mine i think was 3 weeks later. I purposely went alil later for polyclinic for my second pregnancy bcz i was scared if the transvaginal scan.

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Depends on how excited r u to see the gynae. Most of my gfs say don't waste money, n made appt to see gynae at around wk8, cos by this time can see foetus n hear heartbeat. I got a fren she didn't even bother to visit Dr til she's almost 6 months. 😆

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If you feeling okay and have no pain or bleeding, can see a gynae from 7weeks onwards. If you are excited and dun kind transvaginal scan, you can try at 6weeks there abouts ☺️

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i think i shld be at 5weeks i guess.guess my menses is on 27feb

congrats++ get referral letter from polyclinic. subsidise appt at KKH. we saw doc at 6weeks first scan. can hear heartbeat

6wks is fine, u should be able to see the heartbeat already by then

just go to your nearest ob gyne