Heart Palpitation

Hi all i just found out that i am pregnant after trying 2 yrs *1st baby* and since then i felt my heart have been beating soo fast..i am so scared to go through delivery.. does any1 feel the same when u were pregnant. I believe its just my mindset that causes this and nothing medical.

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Congrats!!! Such good news! Definitely normal to feel so scared! But please remember to relax and don't stress about giving birth. Enjoy your pregnancy while it lasts! The strength that you need during labour will come naturally! Educate yourself for pregnancy and labour so you are well prepared..

I was also scared at first but just get used to it. Dont think about the delivery. It's still quite a long journey. Just relax and take good care of yourself :)

4y ago

Thanks Dear! I just felt its normal since its my first pregnancy

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Congrats! It’s normal to feel that way, but not to worry! Everything gonna be fine!

yes think about the good things, don't think about the process but the ending.

Congrats! No one is really ready. It just comes! Learn as you go. No worries