First time pregnancy

I just found out that I am pregnant. Should I make an appointment to see any doctor or should I go to a gynae?

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You should take blood test and urine test at gynae place to confirm pregnancy once you tested positive at home. If after blood test and urine test confirm pregnancy, then on W5 you see blood, must go to doctor without hesitate. Get injection and progesterone to protect your baby. Then follow by ultrascan at W6 onwards to confirm there is baby inside the womb. I encounter the second time, it was empty sac and had to abortion. So anything before W8, should not too happy yet. Just be more aware of your body symptom. All the best to you! Baby dust and Rainbow baby for you.

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Congrats! Make an appointment with gynae (obstetrician) 🙂 if you go to GP, they will ask if you want to do another test (blood or urine) and if you need referral to public hospitals. I did blood test with GP just to double confirm the pregnancy

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If you want a subsidised route, make an appointment with the polyclinic. After your 1st appt, next appointment will be a Govt hospital of your choice. If you want a private route, make an appointment with a gynae instead.

if u want to go for subsidised route, go Polyclinic and get it checked. otherwise can just go to ur preferred hosp to check straightaway! ☺️

depends how far along and how you feel! i went to see at week 5 as I was having random cramps and worried. but most people scan at 7-8 weeks.

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If you go to a normal GP, he/ she will ask u if u want a referral to poly doc or refferal to kkh.

I’m a FTM too. Scheduled an appointment with a gynae instead of GP @ 7 weeks.

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Congrats for your pregnancy 🤩 it’s better you go to a gynae directly...


yes you should book an appointment with your gynae asap