i come frm a broken family & it took me forever 2 trust my husband (i luv him a lot i do) b4 marriage. do u think my kids will b the same way? will they have trusst iissues lk me too?

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You children will learn from the environment that you and your husband create for them. I think you and your husband will be great parents and role models for them. While your past will influence your thinking and mindset, it sounds like you are now in a loving relationship. That will be what your children will see and learn from. Don't worry too much.. don't let your past continue to have a hold on you. Take care there! :)

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8y ago

I come from a broken family too just like you i have trust issues. I grew up deprive of parental love bt was bless enough to be brought up bt my grandparents who love me wholeheartedly. I use to be angry with the world not happy why i have to grow up in this kind of environment... But as i grow up wiser, mature i look back and came to realise that i am thankful for growing in such an environment as it has mould me to be who i am. With that experience it makes me love my child even more and ca

Hello there, I don't know what circumstances led you to being a person who has trust issues but I think shouldn't dwell too much on the past and taint your children's mindset regarding trust and distrust. If you continue to fret over such things, you'd end up "infecting" your children with your trust issues. Live, love and let go.

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