Anyone know any marriage Counselling? I would like to see if my Husband will change his attitude toward our relationship. I think he take it for granted I have to obey him all the time plus extended family issues. No room for negotiation as he is very difficult to communicate. I need 3rd party to convinced him. I have approach family service centre. They are my listening ears but no marriage consellor. I don't think my Husband will go there to listen to the social worker for my view. Service from government will be good..

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Just a friendly reminder. You need to keep an open mind because counseling is not hiring a person to beat that person into compliance.. (yes even they are wrong)

Msf is a good place to start. They help with marriages kids and family. The link above which the mom shared I suggest for you to try that option out.

VIP Member You can try this page. it's from MSF. Singapore government based

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Have you tried Awwa? They provide help for women. You may want to approach them.