Rant~ I really hate it when comes to my in laws side. They talk like everything is their business. Always ask my husband to do this and that. And our new bto they will say to my husband you should do this and don't do that.. They nv think that I am staying there too got the guts tell me la.. why tell my husband as if he living alone. All in laws like that ar? Irritating to the max. They say "Your house is big hor next time can rent out earn money" I m thinking my house is not a house is a Home don't like staying with stranger... I also not wanting them to live with me. Not my family members too. I don't want conflict...They will ask their sister daughter or my husband sister to come and stay over at my home. Why must come like they no house to stay. Really their face so thick. What can I do? My husband is abit hard to reject if they talk like that. And they don't come talk to me I can't reply, they talk to my husband. I just waiting for them to approach me.

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I have a concern that I cannot talk to my husband about this (he will pull his face and talk with emotional voice), I just afraid that someday he will invite his family to live with us (MIL/BIL). Last time when we're renting a 5 room hdb, at that time my daughter was only few months old. He said he invited his family to help me (MIL,BIL,BIL's gf, auntie, uncle, son) they come bcos the son is on holiday, but he never mentioned to me that they will come for one whole month, I really pissed when I found out, I thought only for few days or a week, but 1 month is really a torture to me. They turn on aircon as they like in day time, watch tv with a loud sound, my kitchen is no longer mine, cos when other people using it, I just don't want to take a look of it. I don't want them to think my house as a holiday destination, come as they like for weeks.. I don't mind having guests/family stay over but only for few days, not for weeks/months, cos in that case we hv to do the laundry everyday (no more space to hang, use dryer also took like 4-5 hours/use), cooking, overnight dirty dishes at the basin, messing the house, etc it really effects me.

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The same as my husband's family. All I can share is set the ground rule right from the start if not, you will have a lot more conflict in the future. in the past, I used to let my husband talk to my PILs when they invaded my privacy but to no avail. My fil will open my bank statements to peep at my earning and my mil will go to my room to see what new clothes or bag I purchase with my own earning. It cost a lot of stress between my husband and myself to a stage I want to file for divorce as they want to stay over at house and ask for my house key behind my back.

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Dont buy mattresses or beds for the other rooms,just get what you need and minimally furnish it. Im not proud of it but I have been thru something similar to your situation. i dont want my husband to be ungrateful to his family because afterall they are his flesh and blood no matter how annoying they are so i indirectly initiate saving money so if no bed then people cant stay over right? Stay strong and dont let in law issues ruin your marriage. Focus on all the love and stay as positive as you can!

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Seriously ? Talk to them instead . If they have their whole house , then why stay at your new bto ... if i was you i really will talk to them. After all its BTO fornu and ur hubby so both should have the rights too.

i dislike my current bf's mom too.. sibei hard to handle her. i tell my bf i dont want stay with her hor sorry... hahaha

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Live and let live sia. Consider your own goals in life and ignore theirs. Unless your goal is to beat them lol

I would definitely hit the roof. best to just talk to them and clear the air. i wouldn't be able to tolerate.

Just ignore. why waste your time and energy. it only causes unnecessary stress.

Remember that when you married your husband. You married their family too.

4y ago

Not true. Don't let such sayings brainwash you into thinking that you are stucked in that situation. You have all rights and support from many other ladies to protect your living environment from negative influences.