Empty marriage with no live and love

I have a prefect husband in people eye . Does house hold chore,took care of kids,handle all adminstration work . However that all he does . He will tell all his friend how bad I'm as a mom who can't cleanup after myself , and unable to trust me with my kids alone. I felt bad hearing that . He don't bother to share with me any thing about his life ,our conversation is about kids and admistative related .When I try to share a bit more , he already feel bored and irritated .If I ask about how his day. He always say OK . When I ask more he will walk away .If I message him he don't bother to reply unless is nessary. He doesn't need me at all aside for my mother duty . My income to sustain the household expenses . Me as a person to show he is a gd hub and he have a perfect family .I m so tired of pretending everything is fine. There's no love or affection . I don't know why i need to be in a marriage where the partner don't need me at all .I am staying in the marriage BC of kids . I don't know what to do . I tried ask him for Marriage counsel he said no . I went for counseling myself to try to improve the situation however it's really took 2 hand to clap . St this moment I really felt I don't need him in my life . I can hire a helper and PA to handle all the duty he is doing. I really wanted to change this . I don't think marriage can just hold by kids . Marriage is more that doing a households chores and administration work. Help I am desperate and I don't know what to do . Sorry for the long post . #advicepls #pleasehelp

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I am sorry to hear about your situation. I don't understand why he needs to condemn you and doesn't trust you. If he thinks you are that bad then why he wants to marry you. If he loves you then he should accept who you are, no one is perfect. As much as I don't like to tell someone to divorce, you may have to consider this last option as I can see you have made efforts to salvage this marriage but sad to say it doesn't help. If you think you can tolerate for the sake of your children then bite the bullet and live as it but remember to treat yourself well. I hope he will change soon. 🙏💪🌈

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