Any good salon to recommend to bring 6 month old for haircut? LO is like a worm and I'm worried the barber may injured her if I just bring to any salon

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You can try to do it at home, with the help of your spouse if it's just a trim. If not, you can also build a good r/s with a local hair salon if they are comfortable with it. Otherwise, u can try at Parkway: Or Junior League at United SQ: It's really cute watching other babies get their haircut. My son was not very open to the concept so I have been cutting his hair myself. Reference:

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7y ago

I bring my son to EC House at Liang Court. The hairdresser is very experienced with cutting babies' hair and it's only $12.

It's easy coz I can take as much time as is needed and ensure they are comfortable excessively so not so unpleasant as though we're doing it outside and will share more info related to salon chair have a major impact on the activities of a salon. It individuals search for the second they enter the salon.

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My babies won't be able to sit for a hair cut so I cut for them myself at home. It's not difficult coz I can take my own time and make sure they are comfy too so not so stressful as if we're doing it outside and they will to cry murder.

Premium Cuts Barbers is a barbershop in Downtown Kissimmee, FL, that specializes in providing high-quality haircuts and shaves to men and children.

Are u staying in e east? I normally bring my son (4yrs old) n my girl (6mths) to have their hair cut or trim. Both my kids didn't cry or give me a hard time at all. Is at Katong plaza.

7y ago

Which salon in Katong?

I shaved my girl when she is about 4 months old. Did it in a baby spa at Punggol Plaza. Than gave her a swimming session there and she totally loves it.

7y ago

Aww so cute. So they can have haircuts and swimming sessions? any other services? What's it called? Link? :)))

Katong plaza level 2. Can't remember wat is e name of e salon

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Babyspa does haircut for babies