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Can baby travel on an airplane after 6 months? How early do you bring your baby overseas? What to prepare for a flight which will last around 6 hours plus?

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Brought LO to Penang when she was 4months plus then continue the trip to Tokyo(celebrated her 5months in Tokyo). Check with PD before the first trip, he doesn’t seemed concern and told us to go ahead and have fun :) He just advised to bring paracetamol(just in case), spray LO’s nose with sterimar nasal spray prior to boarding the plane to avoid earache, that’s all. Prior to take off and landing, feed/latch your LO. When you travel with infant, you will have priority to book the front rows with bassinet points, can select the seat online. Will travel on night flight so that LO can sleep and by the night LO wakes up, it’s time to land already. Now at 23 months, LO has been on 7 flights and she love traveling :)

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You are welcome :)

Email the airline or inform them u need a bassinet seat, if the airline provides. Bassinet seats can run out if theres too many babies/infants on board. Breast feed /bottle feed baby for takeoff and landing to prevent them from air pressure buildup in their ears. Bring own milk powder and hot water. Most airlines allow. Good luck.

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Thank you for the information! :)

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Brought my LO to Penang slightly before 6 months. I just direct latch my LO during take off and landing. Book front rows seats with more leg room or if not possible go for windows seats so that there will be more privacy. Enjoy! :)

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Thank you! :)

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Yes. Get your baby a flu jab for prevention.