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MAL and husbands

So….hi mummies. Would like to vent out. It’s my first baby, currently on MAL and my husband is working. There’s little support from my parent. My in laws however was very supportive would come and help but I don’t like how they tries to take care of my child. Example, offering pacifier, suggesting to feed honey or water. Ofcourse there are things that are good, but the boundaries was when, she told my husband she wanted to spend a night with my baby at her house, or she requesting to bring baby out overseas now that baby has a passport. I as a mom, who waited 2 years just to have a baby after a miscarriage ofcourse stepped in and said no. Hence, I started shunning her off, told her I can manage baby alone. I’m fine doing it. My husband didn’t understand why am I so over protective, but it’s my baby. My. My mother on the other hand, has been very quiet ever since she knew it was a girl. So, okay. The second issue I’ve been copping up is my husband is working 12 hour shift. So ofcourse when he’s on off, I looked forward to it. I asked him, multiple times to look after the baby, I’ve prepared some breast milk, go ahead and feed baby while I take a long proper shower, while I cut my nails while I just have a me time. That off day became, him doing the house chores. Much appreciated but, if I can complete the house chores in 2 hours why can’t he? Are we living in a bungalow? He even went to the extend of making a remark saying he doesn’t understand why am I tired when I told him, I didn’t cook, I didn’t vacuum the house today, please take care of baby in the night I’m exhausted. I let him sleep the first shift, the first 4 hours he got sleep while I tried to pacify baby to sleep. You mean the next hour you can’t take over while I get a fast nap? I had to keep the toilet door open and have a fast shower while he can take an hour to shower. Reason? He was having his me time watching his movies. Husbands are useless tbh. MAL are not resting. I’m working to keep a human baby alive too.

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