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When to start using ruyi oil? After umbilical cord drops right? Not directly onto bb's skin, oil on mummy's hand, rub then place gently on baby? Is it needed to use daily after bath time? Apply baby lotion first or ruyi oil first?

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I started using only after umbilical cord then when it is still healing, I apply on my hand and rub then apply at the side of the tummy. When the umbilical cord had healed, I apply on my hand and then rub and cup it directly on the belly button. You can apply before shower to avoid the wind from entering during shower time and apply after shower. I apply everything first then the oil so the smell doesn't get everywhere onto LO's body.

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4y ago

Thank you. 🥰


Aftdd umbilical cord drop. After shower apply a little on your palm and place on baby tummy. But do take note not all baby ok with it. My girls has sensitive skin whenever i apply she will have rashes.


do not recall especially waiting after umbilical cord dropped off. rubbed between palms & placed palms on tummy usually after bath.

After bath, make sure baby's belly button is clean dry. Rub ruyi oil on palm n place on baby's tummy.

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Started before cord drop.. put on hand abit rub to create heat and cup over belly..

I used it daily after bath. Rub on hand first then apply on baby tummy.

use it even umbilical cord was there, i 1cm away the cord

Started from the 3rd day, before umbilical cord drops


Used it after baby came home tgt with me