Feeling worried. Doesnt feel pregnant now. Feels like tummy is less bloated and doesnt hav much morning sickness or nausea. In my 8th weeks now. Will only be seeing gynae this weekend. Had quite a bad menses cramp last week. Anyone encountered such experience before?

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Oh no. Could u just go see a Gyne later in the evening? - as that is the best way to set ur mind at rest to know for sure what is the status now. There is no need to wait for a particular period before seeing a Gyne during the first trimester and as things can be unstable, it is always better to see Gyne, take any jab or med asap. On the side note, it's normal to have some cramp during the first trimester as the womb is stretching but it shouldn't be v bad cramp or too long a duration. Spotting is common but if there is cramp n spot - it's best to rush to the doctor to be sure. Bloated and nausea are feelings that can come and go throughout the pregnancy so it's not accurate to rate it that way. My advice is just go see a Gyne straight away - don't wait. U don't need to see the same Gyne - any Gyne will do Keeping my fingers cross for u. Hugs. I know how it feels frm experience.

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First, congrats! The paranoia really can kill us sometimes.. I have the same feeling and was worried whenever i go to toilet it just take off my panties just coz i din want to see any bleeding 😅😅 i had a 7th week scan then 11th week and worse i was losing weight.. And i have no morning sickness at all!! Stay positive after abt 16th week u see a bump and appetite better and u will just feel happy! 😍

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5y ago

glad to have passed a comment as I'm going to be a first time mum however that is scary but to see someone who has similar consequences therefore made me read the comments and put my head at rest

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I'm on my week 7 and I feel more 'normal' after going through a few weeks of discomfort. My tummy even feel less bloated and I also got a but worried but yeah key is to relax and go for a check if you haven't had one yet.

5y ago

a bit worried*

I feel pretty normal all the way till I’m in seconf trimester where i start my morning sickness.... as for your menses cramp you should seek advice from gynae

Dont worry unnecessarily. It maybe just hormonal changes in ur body to adapt to ur pregnancy. Embrace this journey as much as u can!

Remember having that worry feeling whn i dont feel pregnant. Everything will be ok. Dont stress yourself out

Yes same forme during my pregnancy Sometimes also don’t feel pregnant Don’t worry u will be ok

Don’t stress. That’s the most important. Everything will be fine