Would it be very tiring to travel with a 1-year old overseas for 9days?

Hi mummies! I am planning to bring my family (and my 1 year old) overseas to korea mid june and she’s currently on fM. Would it be very tiring to bring her on flight (6hours plus)? Advices are much appreciated.

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Just came back from a 2weeks trip to Korea with my 8mth old baby. A 6hr+ flight, so I choose a seat with bassinet. My girl is used to traveling on public transport coz she’s in infant care since 2mth old. It’s like a 1.5hr journey to sch/work. So that helps a lot.

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Wow. What about the air pressure? Is ur girl ok with the taking off and landing? For formula milk just pack in tins in check in baggage?

depends on how prepared you are and willing to bring your child out to play. i went to europe for 2 weeks with 11m old on 13 hours flight. we were all tired but still enjoyed our family trip.