Bringing 1 year old on a trip

Hi mummies, any tips for bringing a 1 year old on overseas trip? It'll be a 4 hours flight. Is it necessary to book a seat with bassinet? My baby will be sitting on my lap. I'm excited and yet anxious not knowing what to expect. Please share your experiences thanks.

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I find the bassinet redundant once kids are able to walk. I took my 10 month old and he refused to stay inside. But if u want a bigger leg space, then bassinet seat wld be better, though I don't like the fact tt we couldn't place our diaper bag under the seat. U need to place everything in the overhead compartment. Unless of coz u cld successfully make ur toddler sleep during the flight then perhaps bassinet wld be ok. My friend brought her 5 months old and she had a very easy time cz baby was slping throughout in the bassinet. I was on an 8 hour flight and boy only wanted stay on our laps or walk ard. most tiring flight we ever had! 8 hr with a toddler felt like 100x more tiring than a 14 hours flight alone w/o kid 😅

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10mo ago

long flights must be very challenging, thanks for sharing!

Mine was a nightmare with the bassinet seat and just a 2h flight to bkk. Anyway mine was assigned.. unless ur child can easily sleep then i tink useful. If like mine at 1yo, she dun wan infant seat (dun even wanna sit on the father), or lie in the bassinet. At 2yo when she had her own seat, she sleeps.. much more “peaceful” flight!! And i agree that it isnt really convenient with bassinet seat coz everyting needs to go up the overhead compartment.

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Definitely chope the bassinet seats. But don’t have to use the bassinet unless baby wants to nap else it takes up space. Bring loads of engaging toys, snacks on board. The longest flight I dare to bring mine at that age is 2h flight haha. All the best!!

7mo ago

haha thanks for sharing. crossing fingers

I took sq and they assigned us bassinet seats. But unfortunately my daughter doesnt like haha. Neither does she like to sit on her father lap. Anyway the bassinet only certain time then can use..

10mo ago

ok thanks!

I find bassinet useful. Baby can sleep much better in it.


i got bassinet seats!