Differing results for NT Scan & Harmony

NT scan indicates high risk while Harmony indicates Low risk. Should go for Amniocentesis test?

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It actually depends on the risk level. So it will be good to see what your gynae recommends and discuss with your husband. Harmony only tells us the possible risks while Amnio is a diagnostic test. Just know that Amnio carries a risk of miscarriage too.

I have the same test result, my gynae told me no further test require. As Harmony test is >99% accurate, hence it test result will overwrite NT scan (I presume you are referring to Down syndrome). Take care and God bless you and baby.

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I had the same and i didnt go for amnio.. baby turns out healthy and normal. discuss with family and decide ok. All the best!

7mo ago

How are u now

To the author - did you go for amnio test eventually? I’m in the same situation now, NT is 3.5mm but NIPT low risk..

best to go with gynae recommendations