Will u all do amniocentesis when the Oscar test is high risk but the nipt (harmony) test is low risk

13 weeks old

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I did amnio test! My harmony test didnt shown the gender result. And I didn’t take Oscar test. I was so afraid something bad will happen to baby since this is my 1st pregnancy. Ended up take amnio & result is good. Nipt test really just waste my $. It said 99% accurate but it still can’t detect my baby gender 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ if I ever have kids again, I’m not going to do it again

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I wanted to believe nipt is good enough but gynae still recommended me to check cos my risk ratio was quite high. i went for amnio after much much deliberation and had a peace of mind with the results. only go ahead if you’re comfortable with the risks..

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hw high was ur risk care to share?

Nipt test is >99% accurate, it will overwrite OSCAR test result, if it indicate low risk, no further action required. Pls consult your gynae.

sounds like a mixed review. same case as u but our gynae advised us to do amnio prob to be safe. just did and waiting for results..

I didn’t proceed with amnio, and my gynae didn’t recommend it either cos NIPT is highly accurate

Oscar has a lot of false positives! NIPT is 99% accurate

No. Nipt is 99.99% good enough.

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Nope.. i didnt proceed w amnio


no gynae did not recommend

no. nipt is good enough.