Oscar test - NT 4.3mm

I did both NIPT and OSCAR. My NIPT results is low risk unfortunately OSCAR ultrasound indicates that my baby NT level is 4.3mm and the doc suggested for me to go for amniocentesis. May I know if anyone has similar experience to share? #pleasehelp #firstbaby #pregnancy

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exact same experience for me. low NIPT and same 4.3mm NT scan. i did amnio for a peace of mind and results turned out perfectly fine. baby is now a happy and healthy 8 month old. must consider that this scan has high rate of false positive. if i were in this situation again, i would not go for amnio. but you do according to you and you and hubs’ preference!

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2y ago

yes i did amnio with KKH. john tee did it for me

Any update? I'm facing the same exp..

2y ago

I went for my amnio. Waiting for results.