High risk thick NT 3.4mm for FTS scan and low risk nipt panorama test. Dr recommended amniocentesis.

So worried and devastated. Not sure if we should proceed with amniocentesis, even so.. there are other risk such as heart defect etc.. 😢😢

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Hi mummy, my results are same as yours! 3.5mm for NT but NIPT low risk. Was advised to do amnio and fetal heart scan. I know how conflicted you must feel.. your thoughts must be filled with worry all day. What helped me feel more sane is to not think about things that are not in my control :) Many mummies also shared that NT has a lot of false positive results! My fetal heart scan was all ok :) At first we were quite unwilling, but after much consideration we decided to do amnio for peace of mind. It’s my Day 2 of recovery after amnio today, so results not out yet. It depends on your personal preference at end of the day. :) Praying all goes well for you, please take care 🙏🏻

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2y ago

yes they did

If doctor recommend it. it is better to follow it. don't get any risk. God bless you and your baby