High NT thickness

Hi! My nipt test results is low risk but the NT scan is 7.6mm. Doc said there could be risk of chromosomal, genetic or structural heart disorder. Referred me to another doctor for amniocentesis. I'm 42 yo and ftm. Any one faced similar situation before? Most of the posts I have seen are rather borderline NT score. Mine is like 3x the normal range. Feeling so distressed.

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i’m one of those who was borderline range and already worried so i can imagine your stress. i would recommend amnio for peace of mind. but make sure you go home straight and bed rest a lot afterwards and don’t move about! one mummy went to work afterwards and water bag started leaking!

1y ago

That's horrifying. Hope that mummy and baby are both OK..

Hi do you mind sharing what happened in the end? Thank you, God bless you