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Hi mummies! Can i know what foods to give to a 8 month old baby? I have tried broccoli, potato,carrot,spinach . Now i ran out of ideas of what to give my baby.

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At 8-9 months, I gave a variety of fruits, vege, fish and chicken alr. Typically, oatmeal and a fruit like banana for breakfast, rice cereal with vege and fish/chicken/tofu for lunch and dinner.

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What kind of fish do you give?

eggplant, tofu, salmon, egg yolk, ikan bilis powder, sweet potato, yoghurt, fruits (use the holey pacifier), chye sim, tomato. just listing whatever I can rmb feeding my bb back then 😅

My baby is the same age as yours and me too run out of ideas on making home made baby foods. I end up buying from biteybitez from IG! My baby loves the foods! Thankfully ☺️

pumpkin 🎃 sweet potato 🍠 cauliflower mushroom 🍄 tofu tomato 🍅 chinese yam baby pasta fish chicken minced meat 🍎🍌🥝🥑🫐🍓

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Brown rice porridge with fish (salmon, cod fish, thread fin fish), minced pork and veg


try pumpkin, fruits, fish like cod fish, etc.

Fish, tofu, egg (test a bit first)

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