How to shower after c sect?

Hi mummies, finally gv birth to little one:):):) Please any of you can let me know how to shower at home and if it is ok for the wound to touch the water? Doc say ok for the wound to touch the water but i am still worried. Ill have confinement nanny who will let me shower with the herbs. When can i start reapply my belly care regime? Like bio oil

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i just took off my waterproof patch that the nurse put on, on my discharge day. i just shower normally just dont scrub much on the wound. after showering will dry it with towel and wipe my wound with alcohol swab until no dirt on my alcohol swab. use a few alcohol swab as you know u cannot wipe so many times using the same alcohol swab. atleast i know i wont infection easily. hope this helps

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Hello, I bath normally after discharge (3 days after my Csect), rem to bring a tall stool n sit on it when ure showering. No pain, just when u exert strength or uses ur belly muscle will b pain (eg getting out of bed). Belly care wise, after gynae checks on ur wound, let ur gynae tells u when can apply.

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I had a waterproof patch over the wound for the first few weeks. Can shower as normal. After removal just don’t rub the wound area too much. I used herbs too, but rinse with water after that cos very sticky.

I didn’t shower during the confinement period and I just shower like I normally used to but without rubbing the scar/wound area. I don’t apply anything on it except for the gel given by gynae.

u can use a shower waterproof patch. make sure to remove and dry the wound area after the shower. gynae will give u cream to apply daily, if I remember correctly


1st time after cs i bathed was on day 14

8mo ago

Same here.. it was unbearable for me and I only washed my hair on day 16