Pregnant my 2nd baby., Soon 8wks.,

Have little appetite to eat,scared to eat&no mood due to this vomitting feeling., everyday evening-night i will feel like vomiting. Is it normal Ladies??,. Anyone feel the same like me?., 😫😫😫#pleasehelp #pregnancy #advicepls #neverfeellikethisonMy1stpregnancy

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Super Mum

Hi mama, It’s probably morning sickness which is common in the first trimester. Have you tried eating starchy things like biscuits and rice or sweet things like chocolate? I normally tell mums to go with the taste that helps keep the food down - for some mothers it’s salty stuff, some sour, some sweet. Don’t be afraid of throwing up - it’s just the hormones doing it’s thing. Important thing is you get something in to keep the sugar levels and energy levels up.

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3y ago

i've tried sour drink like apple juice., chocolate i shld try., :) fr salty a bit too. thkz u mummy., :) thkz god morning i'm ok no nausea or vomiting but it start when evening-night. i scared to eat after vomiting just drink a cup of hot milo only.

I'm expecting my 2nd baby and experience the same. I lost my appetite. My husband bought me my favourite food but no much help.. the neasea is worse in the evening.

3y ago

right..,same here.😭