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I am a Malay Single Mummy. My toddler is 1 year old coming August. My ex husband is chinese. I am not sure if I am going to face challenges in few years down the road. As I have custody and care control of the child, my ex doesn't come and sees the child. Is it a must to take Chinese language as a mother?? What are the pros and cons?? I don't speak Mandarin at all. How.

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Since you are raising the child and have care and control, then you decide based on what you see fit is right for your child. He can take Malay in school and then maybe have a separate tuition in chinese so your child learns both languages?

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It is not necessary to let ur LO learn chinese. MOE will based on case by case basis, and if u are able to show that there is sufficient home environment provided for ur LO to learn Malay, it should be fine.

If you can let you child take mandarin is good. Cos china is the next big brother after USA. More languages will benefit him in many ways when he grow up to join work force

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I agreed with the mummies here, knowing how to speak Mandarin really helps in our children's future but your lo doesn't necessary need to take it as her second language (:

Hi, You can have a private teacher at home to teach mandarin for your child. It is a good to have skill

Can get a private teacher or send him to some classes