Pregnant Wife is cheating

I jus found out that my Wife who is 4 months pregnant has been cheating on me. What should I do? I found out as I stumbled into her email inbox and read all her romantic emails to her Co worker

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If i were in your shoes, I will never forgive her. I will investigate to see if the child is really mine or not... And then plot my move from there.. Of course the child is innocent but that doesn't mean you must forgive ur wife... This kind of emotional scar is with you forever... So you must take that into consideration.. Of course this is my view only because I also will not forgive my husband if he cheats on me. That's my hardline stance in life.

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I think you should not ask anything and act like nothing happen for the moment. I highly recommend you to print out the email and keep it. Also, you should really hire a PI to check if she is REALLY having an affair and when they started this relationship. I don't think any man will still continue to have an affair with a married coworker when she is 4 mths pregnant unless that is his child. There's at least 50% that the child is his.

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Ask her about the Emails after all she is your wife,sorry to hear but there are many reasons why Women will cheat,Sexually not satisfy,unhappy marriage,taking revenge which is why having a conversation often and looking after each other needs Physically and Emotionally is soo important,don’t just blame them when someone hurt you think when you went wrong as well

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Please just continue to show care to her. Continue to love her and take care of her. Once the baby is out then you settle the cheating matter. You made the wise decision to choose her on your wedding day. I know its tough. But her health comes first. I don't wish you regret if anything would happen to her. She need your support now.

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3y ago

This Jessie Ong has no brain or empathy

Sorry to hear that. I would suggest that you should have a good talk with your wife to understand what happen. Things might not be what you thought it is until you ask and find out the truth from the person. Do not assume and affect your mood.

This is tough! Really sorry you're going throug this at the moment. Please have a talk with your wife. This could be a confusing time for both of you, so seeking the help of a counsellor might be a good idea.

Communicate with your wife. I understand cheating is so much struggle and pain but be kind to your wife bcos she is carrying your child. you can always put up decision after your child has safe delivery.

5y ago

Why must he be kind to her when she is hurting him? Not 100% sure that the child is his... She is expecting now and yet she still send all those emails. That says alot about her..

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Wow, tough one. I am sorry for the pain you are going thru right now. If I were you I would just be upfront and tell her about the emails you found. And take it from there.

At this point, it would be good to talk to her to explain the correspondences with her co-worker. If help is needed a counselor can come in to help.

Can ask her do a panaroma check. This is to ensure baby health and on the same time u can also know the baby dna.