I just found out that I have HIV. Have not told my Wife yet. How do I break it to her?

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I guess you have to build up the courage to tell her as soon as possible. Face the reality and be honest to her. It's pointless to drag time and hiding it as eventually the truth will be reveal. She will need to go for a check up and under going tests hopefully your wife is not a carrier. Sorry to hear this. Go to seek professional help and counselling if needed as it's not easy to handle this alone.

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Whether the outcome after she know that you have HIV due to whatever reasons is, best to let her know and go for check up and do whatever prevent needed if you have kids. People who do not have HIV are innocent and shouldn't suffer because of ur mistake. What done cannot be change, the only thing to prevent them from getting it.

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I would suggest you let her know as soon as possible. Kindly do not have any intercourse with her which could pass the virus to her. Also bring her for a check up to ensure she's not a carrier. Seek professional help through counselling if needed.

I can confirm your Wife will you shock.. Angry.. Stress.. Or even avoid you.. But you still need to face the fact and let her know.. is best to let her know as soon as possible without any delay.. She need to have a checkup too..

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Be apologetic. Be honest and do it in the early morning so she can spend the day going for her own checkups and tests. I am sorry that you are undergoing this. Hope you are okay as well.

tell her the true, she also need to have a checkup too. Thing happen, happens can't hide now thing get into very serious.

please let her know asap and get check up as well. better to tell her yourself and rather she found out herself.

Find a quiet time with her and break the news to her . give her time to accept the news. take care.

go straight to the point and tell her. Talk to her nicely but maybe she will have a big reaction

Please tell her better and ask her to check as soon as possible.Do you have children ?