Cheating husband - I want full custody

I had a 16 months old child. Just realise my husband has been cheating behind my back but he deleted all the evidences . Wat is the chances of me getting custody of my child

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I don't quite understand why woman tie custody to issue with their marriage issues. For custody issues, the child's welfare is the paramount consideration. There are multiple cases where the adultery gets care and control of their child. Custody default position is joint.

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7y ago

put yourself in this mommy's shoes. if you are her, would you want your child to be with the father who has broken up the family and would you want yourself to be taken care of by possibly a step mom who may not love your child as much as you do? unless the mom herself has some issues in her life which causes her to be in a position where she may not be the most appropriate caregiver, I see no reason why she shouldn't fight for custody of her child.

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I m single mother. I divorce my ex husb Boaz he cheated on me. Best is uncontested divorce were both agree to the terms. If contested, u need evidence proof like adultry n so on.


This is something a lawyer needs to advise you on. Law can be complicated specially if one party wants sole custody and this is being contested by the other party

you are the mother , if below 7 yrs of age you are higher chances of custody + financially stable+ eveidences. photo proof of adultery get higher chances.

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So sorry to hear that! You must gather more evidence.. PI services are expensive though, do consult your lawyer about custody etc

You need to be financially sound to have the child with you. Get the private detective if you are financially sound to get the evidence.

5y ago

So if I am not The child shouldn’t be with me??? There should be encouragement to let mums know that there is support if her so called life time partner is not committing to this marriage. It’s not just about being finally sound. It’s about having the determination and being a mother to do all she can for her child

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You need to be financially stable. And try to find proof. With proof, it's much easier to fight for custody

If you're a working mum, most likely you're going to have the custody.

Get a PI to gather evidence Divorce him Get him for all he has