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Just found out that i am pregnant - currently in my 6 weeks! First gynae appointment will be 2 weeks later, meanwhile i am not sure if i should get some health supplements from local drugstore or should i wait for gynae to prescribe. Any suggestions?

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Bought Nordic Natural "Prenatal DHA" from Guardian. Would Last 3 to 4 month, if u follow the instructions. Best is to do some do read on folic acid intake on different trimester. Essential for prevention of defects known as neural tube defects, including spina bifida.

good to be taking folate in 1st trimester. your gynae will most probably also prescribe you with prenatal multi vitamins. calcium and DHA (and possibly iron, if you need it) will wait until 2nd trimester onwards.

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Hi, just curious why did u say calcium and DHA will need to wait till 2nd tri? :) Both my gynae and tcm actually told me to start eating calcium while ttc. I did read up studies on this too.

Very important to take folic acid ! Can get any brand 400mcg - 5mg. Shopee, guardian watsons all selling. Folic acid itself alr sufficient for 1st trim.

Hi, I took folic acid, calcium, vitamin c, all which I got from which is so much cheaper than our local drugstore

Only folic acid for 1st trimester. Gynae will prescribe multi-vitamin, iron supplement and DHA for 2nd trimester onwards.


i only started consuming folic acid at 6 weeks from gynae... other supplements not always

Took folic acid too and only given calcium, DHA and iron at 2nd tri :)

Folate is good enough. You can get from guardians

Good to take folic acid and calcium

Gynae will mostly prescribe you folic