Anyone have try giving baby pasta???

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Yes I have tried two brands of pasta which my gal loves and is softer. One is Heinz Star pasta. I gave this to my gal first as it is small and biteable size. The other brand which I have around 9mo is Heinz Farley Noodle. For both brands I have to cook for about 15-20 mins for the texture to become soft enough even though the packaging states cook for ten mins only . There is also another organic brand Bellamy's brown rice pasta. I tried to cook that but no matter how long I boil the pasta the texture is hard and not easily meltable. I was worried my gal won't mash them up and just swallow them. I just cook the Pasta in normal porridge stock and sometimes add egg yolk and other veggies in it

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as long as they're above 6 months, it should be ok. Otherwise, getting them to try pasta before 6 months might trigger some food allergies. Pasta, when they're ready for it, can be fun for them as well as they might be the perfect size for them to start grabbing

My niece was introduced to pasta when she was 8 months old. She loved it even when it was just plain with some veg (carrots and peas). Now, she's 2 and mac and cheese is one of her absolute favourite.

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i give my kids pasta but not the heinz baby pasta. Just normal adult pasta (usually the spiral type) cook for a longer time for it to be soften and cut into smaller pcs for them

Me ! I gave it to my 7 mth old. I just TOP it up with tofu n corn. Which is actually a little plain

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I give any brand pasta, baby doesn't fancy it though. my older boy likes spaghetti and not penne.

I used Heinz. Combined it with some purees to start with.

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ai try heinz pasta the bottle type and also cool type...

Heniz Pasta or the ABC pasta.

yes i give heniz baby pasta!