How often to bathe newborn

1. How often do we bathe our newborn ? Is it everyday? If everyday, how many times a day? And do we use gentle body wash @ every bathe? 2. Do we need to bathe our baby when they puke over their body/outfit or just use wet tissue/water to wipe it ? 3. When they poop, heard its advisable to wash their bum instead of always using wet tissue, for that do i need to use only water or also use a gentle body wash ? #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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Answering your queries above 1) I bathe two times a day (morning/before evening), both my kids ill use Cetaphil/Sebamed as they have sensitive skin esp to heat rash. 2) I will change outfit if it is full of puke, wipe with wet wipes / wet towel. Hence, advisable also to wear baby bib in which I use from 2 month onwards. 3) If minimal Ill use wet wipes, otherwise if alot and mutiple times of poop in a day then wash bum. Ill use Cetaphil product also.

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#1 we bathe once in the morning, and evening time wipe body with luke warm water for newborn. #2 my baby puke like merlion once i just wet wipes and change the full attires. do remember to scrub and soak ur clothes else it will have milk stains #3 Depends on the poop situation. breast feeding newborn the poop tends to be abit watery, if it is leak and around the back, i will wash it with body wash. else baby wipes will do.

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1. I bathe my 2 months old in morning and wipe him with wet wipe in the evening 2. I use wet wipes to clean him and then change his clothes 3. If it is a big poop, I sometimes wash his bum with water but mostly I use wet wipes to clean his bum and change the diaper. If his back also gets dirty because of poop then I clean him with lukewarm water and change his clothes

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Shower him every morning with pigeon botanical bcos sometime he perspire a lot but wash his hair on alternate days. I usually just change his clothes and give him a simple wipe down My LO poop every 2-3days thus always a messy situation. So I’ll just wash for him under running tap and disposable washcloths.

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for me, at least once a day or more if get too dirtied