What's your comment??? ...................... I want to divorce my husband for some reasons. It's a mental torture for me. No point talk to him because it's useless and waste of time. That's something that I see in his messages. He even go out drinking. He plays mahjong. He lies. Don't take care of me and my daughter. I want a full custody of my daughter. We are literally married for 1 year plus. With his f attitude and things that he do...really pisses me off. I have full evidence on this. What u say??

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i have the same hub as u but nv plays mahjong and not sure if he lies.. married 3 years already and i figure i cant tolerate a husband/father who is not doing any of the roles.. we have 2 kids but seems like things nv change.. i finally decided to divorce.. just think what actually does ur hub did in the family.. be it financially or physically.. if u divorce him, what are the things u lose amd what are the things u gain.. ppl also advice me, weigh the pros and cons.. i figured out that i think is a waste of time if my marriage continues to linger.. so it will be better of w/o him cause i have been living like im a single mother already.. cheers and hope everything goes well.. let me know if u wanna chit chat =)

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7y ago

i took sole custody.. afraid that ex hub family will try to take the kids.. what i gain is i no longer have to be tolerating.. what i lost is just a man lying on the same bed as me..

Pardon me for being straight forward but it sound like you are not getting along with your husband but using the child as a shield. Remember your beef with your husband is between the both of you. Don't bring the child into the fight, if he wants to spend time with your daughter leave the room for him to spend quality time with her. Men don't go out drink because they like it, is because they are under stress and a lot of times this comes from the partner that are suppose to work hand-in-hand to manage challengers. Which man don't want to stay at home and rest if there is peace at home?

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Can't comment much as ultimately you know your husband best and can't based on this post for us to decide whether should you divorce. Going out drinking and playing mahjong doesn't really mean he is a bad father or husband either but of cos there must be a balance and you two require more communication to work this out. I assume your baby is still young judging the period you are married, men are usually not hands on with babies so don't expect the instant change.

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What kind of lie? Did he cheat? If not its normal men goes out for drink. I allow my Husband to meet his guy friends for drinks, he doesn't play mj but I do. Doesn't mean drinking n playing mj is bad. But maybe he can't manage his time well enough? Talk to him about time management. Ur story is more of like "I want t divorce" rather than telling us what exactly happened. So I Guess we can't comment much

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Have you talked to him about his behaviour and asked him why he is lying?? When you say evidence, I am not sure on what (did he cheat on you?). If you have talked to him about his behaviour, and he has refused to change his attitude, then I would say trust your gut. You know your husband best. Otherwise, if you think you can work on your relationship and communication, then do work on it. Good luck!

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My comment is work on ur marriage. Just because the things u say, it really doesn't sound like it warrant a divorce. Please try to work through the differences and get a marriage counselor. Don't say don't need - at least u go for it - at least u tried to salvage it. Divorce is a bad-a** s*** situation for life

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We are outsiders. You know your situation best. If you feel that's the only way out, nothing else will appease you. Would you consider going for counselling with him? A divorce is not something anyone wants to go through. The path on the other side is not any greener.

I think you have to weigh the pros and cons, if you think talking it out and maybe gg for therapy will work then work things out? If you really see no point in the rs alr then better for yourself to divorce too. Mental health is impt

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Talk to him first & if you didn’t catch him cheating maybe give him a chance to change first. To be a better father n hubby. If it keeps happening & he doesn’t change. Then it’s not your fault if you divorce him.