Is it normal to not be able to go about daily activities at 5wk/7wks pregnant?

Went for my first scan 2 days back. According to the doctor, the size of baby is at wk5 of pregnancy. She said that it is not accurate yet as the scan is not clear. Was told that there were water sacs around, and the chances of miscarriage were very high still. She prescribed me with Dydrogesterone for 4 weeks. These 2 days, I'm feeling so uncomfortable and pale. I cannot go about doing my daily activities at all. I spend most of my time sleeping it away. Is it normal? Should I go for a second opinion check somewhere else?

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I also was extremely tired around that time as well, I would sleep a lot but just make sure you eat and drink enough when you are awake. I'm also prescribed dydrogesterone, it's just to help prevent miscarriage. I'm now at 10.5 weeks, there are still days im more tired then others but not as bad anymore.

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hang in there! your gynae is right by saying chances of miscarriage were still very high at this early stage. my gynae told me the same thing too. only when heartbeat is detected (around 6 to 8 weeks) then the risk will drop. she also prescribed me progesterone as I had a bit of bleeding initially.

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May I know how long your bleeding lasted?

try not to stress out, remember to always becareful in ur movements do not carry heavy things.