Is water birth allowed in any of our local hospitals? Anyone knows how much this method of birth costs?

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Some hospitals do water births, while others only allow mothers to labour in water. Only two hospitals in Singapore provide water births - NUH and TMC. I think Mt A has stopped doing water births. Over at NUH, it costs an additional $300 (at last check) for use of that particular delivery suite, and you will also incur other expenses as you will have to hire a doula to assist you as well.

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Yes, Mummies can opt for water births in local hospitals. They are available at NUH, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre, and Raffles Hospital. The cost differs at each hospital and it can range from $400 to $3,000. This is in addition to the maternity package fees. Do call up your preferable hospital and I am sure they will be able to better advise you :)

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NUH and TMC offers water birth. You need to engage a doula which incurs additional cost apart from topping up some fees for the water birth facilities.